Expired Domain Inventory

S******Soft.net – SOLD

Niche: Software

Great domain for your software, VPN, Plugin,..review website. Just post contents and ready to rank.

DR: 54

Referring Domains: 783

Domain Age: 11 years

Featured backlinks: github.com, sourceforge.net, freedesktop.ork, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $2,350

ThisIs******.com – SOLD

Niche: Education

DR: 45

Referring Domains: 1,34K

Domain Age: 8 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, expressandstar.com, bbc.co.uk, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $1,868


Niche: Music

DR: 28

Referring Domains: 747

Domain Age: 17 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, ubuntu.com, cultofmac.com, engadget.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $1,350


Niche: Car/Truck/Jeep

DR: 36

Referring Domains: 580

Domain Age: 25 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, auto.howstuffworks.com, jeepforum.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $834


Niche: Beauty


DR: 17

Referring Domains: 453

Domain Age: 9 years

Featured backlinks: brit.co, abeautifulmess.co, popsugar.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $875


Niche: T-shirt


DR: 18

Referring Domains: 102

Domain Age: 10 years

Featured backlinks: digiday.com, yahoo.com, parentmap.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $292


Niche: Pet


Referring Domains: 28

Domain Age: 9 years

Featured backlinks: dogplay.com, deafdogs.com, washingtonian.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $205


Niche: Military

DR: 6

Referring Domains: 54

Domain Age: 18 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, wikia.org, revolvy.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $205

UnderWater*********.org – SOLD

Niche: Sport

DR: 26

Referring Domains: 265

Domain Age: 6 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, khake.com, scientificamerican.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $495

G***.org – SOLD

Niche: Health

DR: 25

Referring Domains: 271

Domain Age: 12 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, bbc.co.uk, healthline.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $747

Airport****.com/ – SOLD

Niche: Travel

DR: 31

Referring Domains: 192

Domain Age: 11 years

Featured backlinks: en.wikipedia.org, booking.com, theadventurejunkies.com, etc.

Trademark: None

Price: $495